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  • Give your marketing outreach a massive push.

    Grab an ad in our printed map, a treasured format.

    Limited number of spots are available!

    EAC is preparing a full-color 24" x 36" Elgin, South Elgin, and surrounding area street map complete with a street index and we are offering you the opportunity to advertise and promote your business on this very popular and highly sought-after marketing piece.

    We had such success with the map of Elgin and South Elgin that it’s time for a reprint as we went through 10,000 copies of the map and no longer have copies available. We anticipate a summer print date for 10,000 maps with public distribution points in Elgin, South Elgin, and the surrounding communities. Advertising opportunities start at only $350 per ad which amounts to less than 3 cents per piece to reach customers engaged with our area! This is a marketing opportunity you cannot afford to miss!

    Below is a list of advertising and marketing opportunities for Elgin Area Chamber members:

  • All page panel ads are 3.75" x 8.75" (unless otherwise noted)

    • Back Cover  
    • Outside Premium Folds  
    • Outside Center Spread  
    • Inside Top Panel (full page)  
    • Inside Top Panel (half page 3.75" x 4.25")  
    • Inside Bottom Panel (full page, 3.75" x 5.75")  
    • Inside Bottom Panel (half page, 3.75" x 2.75")  


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  • Print advertisers will find their ad also our website when the map is released.