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  • Chinese Visa

    Group Visa - (6 or more passengers entering into China as one group)

    Tourist Group Visa is issued for a short period of time to just cover the trip and does not have to be within jurisdiction, and Citslinc can apply for Tourist Group Visa with the U.S. passport as well as Canadian passport (with more than 6 months validity).

    Tourist Group Visa will be issued just for a single entry and a stay just to cover for the group travel itinerary. Citslinc will not start Tourist Group Visa with Chinese Consulate until one month before the trip departure day, and mail the Tourist Group Visa by FedEx or UPS to your chamber around 2 weeks before your trip departure day.

    It is OK if any passengers already hold a valid individual visa, or prefer to apply for a valid individual visa under own efforts and responsibility.

    This Group visa can be issued to US and most Non US passports are covered under this group Visa, except (countries named on our list which will be provided to you) please contact us with any questions.

    1. Groups must enter and exit China as one group.
    2. passport must be valid 6 months from the date you apply.
    3. countries that cannot be covered under the group visa e.g. Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt etc. and any countries in Africa (please contact us with any questions and exact Countries listed)
    4. Any passport that apply and show they have traveled to any of the above countries listed, cannot benefit from the group visa.

          Please provide

    • Original passport
    • 1 2x2 picture. This can also be scanned as a jpeg as long as the name of the applicant is provided.
    • Exact dates you plan to enter and exit accompanied by a schedule of cities in China you plan to visa daily.

    Validity of the group visa is:

    1. Valid for 30 days from date of issue.
    2. You must enter China within 14 days from the date the visa was issued.

    Example: you enter China after 5 days from date of issue You will be allowed to remain in China for 25 days. That will total 30 day.

    Fee per person $155.00 US Dollars

    Any questions please contact: Leo 949-637-6688 email: citslinc@yahoo.com

    Individual Travel to China (with service of jurisdiction application)

    to obtain an individual visa, but cannot apply for themselves with jurisdiction. Citslinc can help by working with these visa center by jurisdiction. To have Citslinc help with an individual visa application is at $255 for regular time of 10 working days, and $285 for 4 working days expedited service.

    Please provide:

    1. Original Passport (must be valid for more than 1 year)
    2. Application form (filled out and printed as a PDF) DOWNLOAD APPLICATION
    3. 1 picture 2x2
    4. Clear Copy of I.D. (if not clear you application maybe delayed)

    Total fee to process:

    •    Regular service $255.00 USD (processing time 10 working days)
    •    Express service $285.00 USD (processing time 4 working days)

     Any questions please contact:  Leo 949-637-6688 email: citslinc@yahoo.com