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  • Chambers All In For Economic Recovery 2022 Platform     
    The Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce joins nearly fifty Chambers across the state in urging the Illinois Legislature to provide additional economic and regulatory relief for businesses.

    EAC joins the initiative Chambers All In for Economic Recovery for its second year.

    Chambers All In for Economic Recovery is a collaboration of 50 Chambers of Commerce across Illinois. The coalition calls on the Illinois Legislature to prioritize economic and regulatory relief for Illinois' businesses. It is the mission of all chambers to support our respective business communities and help ensure that businesses can thrive for years to come.

    Last spring, Chambers All In for Economic Recovery launched its inaugural platform. The coalition releases its updated platform for 2022. 

    If enacted, the coalition identified a platform that would create a foundation for economic recovery. The platform includes ways to help diminish the financial hardships businesses face amid a labor shortage, spur economic development and recover from the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • Utilize American Rescue Plan Act funding to help replenish the unemployment trust fund alleviate the impending financial drain from the state’s businesses.
    • Provide legal protections to employers who follow the CDC established safety guidelines from claims that COVID-19 was contracted at the place of business.
    • Restructure the Minimum Wage Credit’s incremental phase-out to allow small businesses to capture the original intent of the credit.
    • Extend the EDGE credit sunset clause out for another ten years and utilize the tax credit as an incentive to attract new businesses to the state and allow for the growth and development of existing companies.

    In addition to the items above, Chambers All In for Economic Recovery calls for collaborative solutions to the state’s ongoing workforce challenges. The coalition recognizes the importance of having a ready, willing, and skilled workforce for the future of our state’s economy. We call on the state to develop innovative programs, support pilot programs, invest in K-12 career awareness programming, and assist in scaling successful workforce programs for other communities and industries. We urge Illinois legislators to create an environment and funding models that allow the private sector to drive the training demand for employers.

    The coalition will work this platform with legislators and call for action this spring. We urge you to get involved and spread the message with us during this time. We commit to being a voice for our members, and our partner chambers will collectively work for tangible relief for our communities' businesses.

    If you or your business wants to learn more on the Chambers All in for Economic Recovery platform, please contact us at 847-741-5660.

  • COVID-19 Vaccination Services: Appointments & Walk-ins

    Early Morning, Daytime, Evening & Weekend Hours Available

    Schedule your appointment at one of VNA Health Care in-clinic or drive-thru locations.

    For walk-in hours, click to view available locations. Hours and days vary by location.

    For assistance in scheduling a COVID-19 vaccination or for more information please email vnavax@vnahealth.com or call (630) 892-4355.

    Existing patients, new patients, and the general public are welcome to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at VNA.

    COVID-19 vaccinations are free for all individuals, with or without insurance. VNA is not charging Medicare, Medicaid or insurance for the COVID-19 vaccination.


  • Citas de la Vacuna COVID-19


    Horarios disponibles por la mañana, durante el día, por la noche y los fines de semana

    Programe su cita en una de nuestras ubicaciones en la clínica o desde su auto que se enumeran a continuación. Para vacunarse sin programar una cita, haga clic en el enlace para ubicaciones disponibles. Los días y horarios varían según la ubicación.

    Para obtener ayuda para programar una vacuna COVID-19 o para obtener más información, envíe un correo electrónico a vnavax@vnahealth.com o llame al (630) 892-4355.

    Los pacientes existentes, los pacientes nuevos y el público en general pueden recibir la vacuna contra el COVID-19 en VNA.

    Las vacunas COVID-19 son gratuitas para todas las personas, con o sin seguro. VNA no cobra a Medicare, Medicaid ni a su seguro por la vacuna COVID-19.

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