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    Advancing Progress 2020

    Advancing progress is the EDG's private raising effort. Advancing Progress augments the revenues from the partnership with the City of Elgin for Economic Development work and also supports orther programs that benefits the business community. Over 40 leading companies invest in Advancing Progress. We are grateful for their support and confidence in the EDG's economic development initiatives.


    Ambassador are member volunteer representing the Chamber to the business and professional community.

    Board of Directors

    The Chamber’s overall direction is guided by our Board of Directors. This volunteer group is comprised of community and business leaders representing a cross-section of industries and populations.

    Business Retention, Recruitment and Expansion

    The BRRE is committee with a proactive approach to economic development designed to better understand the challenges and opportunities businesses in our community face, and connect them with what they need to succeed.

    Economic Development Team

    The Economic Development Team helps foster a vibrant economy for Elgin through the Elgin Development Group.

    Elgin Area Referral Network - EARN 1

    Leads groups are business networking groups with the sole aim of passing leads to the member businesses. Only one business from each sector is represented, so there is no competition within the group.

    Elgin Area Referral Network - EARN Too

    Meet from noon to 1:00 first and third Wednesday of the month

    Enhancing Elgin

    Promoting the positives of why Elgin, IL is a great place to live, work, learn, do business, get involved, visit and enjoy!

    Executive Committee

    A group of directors appointed to act on behalf of, and within the powers granted to them by, the board of directors.

    Golf Committee 2019

    Our Golf Outing event is managed by motivated members who plan every detail to ensure it's success.

    President's Council

    The President's Council is a group of distinguished advisors from diverse backgrounds who have volunteered their time to counsel the president on a full range issues.

    Special Events Committee

    The Special Events Committee provides leadership for the entire event planning process. Committee Members will orchestrate the overall production, provide suggestions and advice as needed, and be prepared to make final decisions.

    Transportation and Development

    The Transportation and Community Development Committee focuses on issues related to the economic health necessary to sustain a community. These include infrastructure investment; land use; workforce development and local government incentives for business creation, retention, and expansion.

    Workforce Development

    The Workforce Development Committee is concerned with maintaining and expanding skill. Provision of an adequate supply of skill is vital to the community. The continuing review of conditions and factors bearing upon effective support and execution of activities that meet this basic requirement.
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