• Donation Truck Driver

    Habitat For Humanity Restore
    Job Description
    Position: Donation Truck Driver
    Reports to: ReStore Manager

    The Donation Truck Driver transports donated goods to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for resale.The driver is more than just a driver, but rather an ambassador for Habitat, often making a first impression of the organization to donors.

    Position Duties:

    Along with Donation Procurement Coordinator, schedule a workable truck route to ensure timely pick-ups and minimize gas waste
    Carefully drive the Habitat for Humanity ReStore truck to pick up goods
    Oversee maintenance of trucks. Inform ReStore Manager of any problems.
    Stays in communication throughout the day with Donation Procurement Coordinator and ReStore Manager, alerts them of any problems that arise with a pick up.
    Notify donor or business of changes in schedule(i.e. arriving late)
    Provide accurate and legibly filled out donation receipt to the donor
    May need to return and schedule donation calls
    If there are no pick-ups, the driver works as scheduled in ReStore
    Must have a basic understanding of what ReStore accepts and be able to impart this to the public/donors
    The driver performs a final screening of materials. Must be able to inform donor, kindly, if materials don’t meet ReStore standards.


    Great people skills
    Ability to relate to and communicate well with donors both over the phone and in person
    Ability to drive a ReStore truck(24ft or 16 ft box truck)
    Basic knowledge of what items are appropriate for resale at the ReStore
    Knowledge of simple home improvement materials
    Capacity to load and unload trucks (sometimes residential materials, sometimes commercial pallet loads)
    Forklift license preferred
    Ability to lift 50-75 lbs consistently
    Able to kneel, bend frequently
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