• Sign Production/Installer

    Posted: 07/30/2021


    Under general direction, this position is responsible for all aspects of the physical production of signs. Sign assembly includes preparing substrates and applying vinyl according to written instructions. Must also mount and/or laminate prints including operating and setting-up the laminator for over-laminating, encapsulation, or mounting of digital imaged products. This position must proofread signs and conduct quality assurance to ensure the efficient production of quality, accurate signs.
    Responsibilities: Follow a layout to place computer generated vinyl or full color graphic images on a predetermined substrate or medium. Prepare substrates for vinyl application. This may include cutting, painting, laminating, cleaning and maintaining the substrates for vinyl application. Weed excess vinyl from computer cut images. Weeding techniques vary with size, type of vinyl and complexity of image. Perform quality assurance measures pre- and post-production by accurately reading and interpreting a Work Order and then proofing for errors or unacceptable standards. Perform finishing operations such as laminating, encapsulating, and/or mounting of printed pieces. Perform finishing operations such as laminating, encapsulating, and/or mounting of printed pieces. Communicate with other employees and customers in a calm and professional manner. Report inventory levels and stock to be reordered to the center manager. Help unload and store raw materials: clean and maintain storage areas. Work on multiple projects simultaneously. Run proof sheet and secure approval for production run from supervisor. Perform routine machine maintenance. Serve as back up for graphic designer as necessary. Install signs as needed off-site. Must have a good driving record. Adhere to all company policies, procedures and business ethic codes. 
    Participate in and practice the FASTSIGNS sales mentality of “Everybody Sells”. Constantly be looking for sales opportunities for the center. Serve as a backup for answering the phone if the franchise partner, manager and sales/service employees are busy assisting other customers. Assist at the front counter as needed. 
    Typical Physical demands: Ability to stand for long periods of time. Ability to lift 50 or more pounds. Flexibility to lean over a waist-high table and use back and forth hand motion to apply vinyl letters and graphics to a substrate. Ability to use light power tools. Climb a ladder and work at high heights. 
    Benefits include Paid holidays, Paid Vacation time, Medical Insurance, Paid sick time.