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    Solving Problems at Their Source

    Lincoln Company is a specialty grouting contractor that has been providing contractor that has been providing infrastructure maintenance and repair solutions throughout the Midwest since 1987. Our ongoing mission is to provide smart, permanent solutions used for a variety of complex problems.

    We provide commercial facilities, municipalities and departments of transportation with a wide range of repair, remediation and preventive grouting services used for a variety of applications, including:
    * Property Redevelopment
    * Sinkhole Remediation
    * Tunnel Excavation
    * Pipeline Services
    * Foundation Settlement
    * Basement Expansions
    * Concrete Crack Repair
    * Water Cut-Off

    Grouting solves the root of the problem, providing a permanent solution by preventing future soil settlement and water infiltration.

    Commercial Services

    Infrastructure Services:
    * Pipeline Services
    * Tunneling Support
    * Sinkhole Remediation
    * Concrete Repair

    Foundation Services:
    * Concrete Foundations
    * Stone Foundations
    * Basement Dig-Outs

    Water Cut-Off:
    * Infiltration
    * Water Loss

    Rapid responses for commercial or municipal emergencies:
    Lincoln Company understands that serious problems can arise suddenly, causing costly disruptions to commercial operations and municipal services. Because of this, we are available to provide commercial organizations, municipalities and departments of transportation with emergency response services.
    * Sinkhole Remediation Emergency Response
    * Water Infiltration Emergency Response


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    Mr. Steven Trout
    • Phone: (630) 980-0339
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