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    It began in 1855 with empty land changing hands from one prominent Dundee family to another. In 1875 our land was purchased by two wagon masters, Hendricks and Mueller, with a passion to expand their services to the community. From 1911 until 1954, The Anvil Club's two-story building operated as a blacksmith shop, hence our name.

    In 1954, ten prominent Dundee area businessmen had a dream to create a private dinner club where they could unwind and enjoy the very best in food and service. Their dream was forged into reality on February 10, 1956. Over a span of sixty-four years we hammered out a reputation for “Members-Only” excellence. Fast forward to today - The Anvil Club is now a place for everyone! Where you and your guests are treated to a fine dining and social experience that is enjoyable, unique, and memorable.

    The Anvil Club’s legendary traditions are here to stay. Our goal is to provide top-shelf drinks, menu selections, and - above all - service that leaves you with memories of your visit that last. Regular diners can expect the same kind of personalized attention from our dedicated and professional wait staff, that Club diners have enjoyed for decades.

    With one look at our iconic main-floor bar and you will know that you are in a place like none other. But there is so much more to The Anvil Club. From our Veranda Bar to Sparky's Lounge, from the Wine Cellar to the Board Room, The Anvil Club strives to provide you with intimate, one-of-a-kind, settings for the ultimate dining experience.


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