• The Junk Luggers of Chicago NW Suburbs

    The Junk Luggers of Chicago NW Suburbs


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    Fast, Easy, & Professional Junk Removal Services
    While other companies try to sell you things with the promise of a better life, The Junkluggers makes life easier by decluttering your home with eco-friendly junk removal.

    After we sort through your unwanted items, we repurpose and donate as much as we can. We even haul unsalvageable items to the appropriate recycling facilities for you.

    Who knew junk removal could help save the planet?

    The Junkluggers appreciates and values your willingness to give back. That is why we try our absolute best to ensure the items that were once dear to you may still be enjoyed by others. With The Junkluggers on your side, you won't even have to lift a finger!


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