• Business Recruitment-Economic Development Week

    Business Recruitment

    The Elgin Development Group (EDG), a division of the Elgin Chamber of Commerce,  is celebrating Economic Development Week from May 9 through May 13 to raise awareness of the work being done between the City of Elgin and the Elgin Chamber of Commerce to raise awareness of the local economic development program.

    The partnership with the City of Elgin consists of core services and deliverables that include Business Recruitment. This aspect focuses on showcasing Elgin as a preferred business location for new businesses. The EDG provides assistance to new business prospects seeking to  locate in Elgin by providing information on available sites and buildings, demographics, labor force, housing, education, and infrastructure. The EDG works with utility companies, local governmental agencies, and the City of Elgin to facilitate the decision-making process for prospective businesses considering locating in Elgin.

    The EDG maintains an inventory of available vacant land for future development opportunities and existing sites for purchase or lease. Developers and property owners use the EDG to vet ideas before their projects become public knowledge. The EDG also conducts retail and industrial market analysis to determine current market conditions specific to Elgin and the region. Marketing Elgin through various trade journals and social media platforms also enables international companies to consider Elgin as a potential location for their business.

    The EDG has attracted retail, industrial and office users to Elgin that have invested tens of millions of dollars into the local economy and provided thousands of jobs. Companies such as Motorola, Blain’s Farm & Fleet, Deutz, Faber-Castell, Culver’s, SureWerx, Radicon, Fabricator’s and Manufacturers Association, Impact Plastics, Conveyor Solutions, and others, have moved to Elgin with the help of the EDG and City of Elgin. For more information on how we can help your business grow in Elgin, please contact the EDG at 847-741-5663.