• Business Retention & Expansion

    The Elgin Development Group (EDG), a division of the Elgin Chamber of Commerce,  is celebrating Economic Development Week from May 9 through May 13 to raise awareness of the work being done between the City of Elgin and the Elgin Chamber of Commerce to raise awareness of the local economic development program.

    The partnership with the City of Elgin consists of core services and deliverables that include Business Retention and Expansion. This may be the single most important aspect of the economic development program in Elgin since some 70% of all job creation and investment occurs from existing businesses. The goal is to retain existing business through proactive outreach, providing assistance and resources, and maintaining a business-friendly environment, with a special emphasis on small business.

    The EDG does this by contacting hundreds of existing Elgin businesses through its Business Retention Program. Hundreds of employers are identified on a yearly rotating basis and personal contacts are made to identify what manner of assistance may be needed. These retention calls with business owners allows the EDG to resolve issues related to retaining the business and assistance in their expansion efforts.

    Another aspect of the EDG’s business retention and expansion program is to provide comprehensive demographic data to the business community, act as a clearinghouse for information, assist businesses in navigating the development process, advocating on behalf of businesses, negotiating for businesses on development matters, brokering incentive requests, and shepherding projects through there completion.

    For more information or to participate, please contact the EDG at 847-741-5663.