• City of Elgin launches community solar program


    Community solar subscriptions now available to Elgin residents and small businesses

    Elgin, IL - Elgin residents and small businesses can save money on electric bills and help develop the solar industry in Illinois thanks to a new City-sponsored community solar program.

    Community solar program subscribers receive credits on their ComEd accounts, reducing the energy supply charges on their monthly bills by $100 per year on average. There are no credit checks, enrollment fees or termination fees. Those interested can sign up at cityofelgin.org/communitysolar.

    The program allows participants to support solar power without installing their own rooftop panels and, through their subscriptions, help support solar development in the state.  

    "This program is yet another positive initiative in Elgin's long history of supporting renewable energy," said Mayor David Kaptain. "The community solar program offers an equitable opportunity for our residents and small businesses to realize the cost savings and environmental benefits that solar energy provides."

    Subscriptions will be offered to Elgin residents and small businesses on a rolling basis. Detailed information including a list of frequently asked questions can be found at cityofelgin.org/communitysolar.

    How community solar works

    About the community solar in Illinois
    Community solar facilities are a product of Illinois’ Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA). Through FEJA, new renewable energy sites in Illinois including community solar projects will help to create a clean energy economy for the state through job creation, and the reduction of carbon by displacing legacy coal generating units in the state. FEJA mandates that Illinois utilities must purchase 25% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2025. Some of this additional demand will be met by 400 megawatts of capacity generated by community solar projects throughout the state. The most recently passed legislation, the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA), provides for additional solar farms being added in Illinois every year moving forward, creating long-term sustainability and capacity for the program.

    For more information, please contact Communications Manager Molly Gillespie at 847-931-5613.
    About Elgin
    Nestled along the banks of the Fox River, Elgin, Illinois is approximately 38 miles northwest of downtown Chicago and is home to approximately 115,000 people. The growing city enjoys ready access to public transportation, diverse housing stock and a mix of commercial establishments. The city's AAA bond rating is testament to its strong financial management and solid economic environment. Many national and international businesses have taken advantage of Elgin’s close proximity to the Elgin-O’Hare Tollway and to the “Golden Corridor of Technology and Commerce” along Interstate-90. Elgin features a nationally acclaimed library system, an array of healthcare options and educational opportunities for all ages. Residents and visitors enjoy a thriving cultural arts community, world-class parks, award-winning golf courses, historical museums and nearly 200 places of worship. This vibrant, diverse and volunteer-rich community is known for its strong history of civic engagement.