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    Illinois Trade Events and Opportunities

    Below is a list of upcoming international trade events, which our office is organizing or co-sponsoring/supporting. We hope that you will be able to join us for at least one of them. 
    Connect with us on social media @USCommercialSvc for our latest updates and resources.
    If you have any questions or would like to share helpful resources, please connect with us. We look forward to working with you soon!

    5 Steps to an International Digital Strategy

    digitalMake the most of global sales opportunities with your online presence. Use these steps to build your strategy:
    1. Define Digital Objectives
    2. Check Website and SEO to Attract Foreign Audiences
    3. Address Back-end Digital Infrastructure
    4. Choose eCommerce Channel Mix
    5. Establish eCommerce Key Performance Indicators
    Want to learn more and find help? Check out eCommerce resources on trade.gov.

    Utilizing eCommerce Tools to Drive Global Sales:
    Logistics of Growing Global eCommerce 
    2-3 pm EDT
    Join us for the final webinar in our eCommerce Go Global series. Learn how your business can leverage digital opportunities to grow. 
    You will:
    • Gain insights from a trade logistics service provider on managing payment and shipping for global sales;
    • Hear about grant funds for global e-commerce expansion and other Federal programs and services to support your export growth; and
    • Have an opportunity to ask the participating trade experts your questions.
    There is no cost for these webinars, but advance registration is required.   
    Sponsored by the U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Export-Import Bank, U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Census Bureau. Learn more at https://www.exim.gov/wtm.

    Opportunities and Events

    Doing Business and Best Prospects in South America Webinar Series
    The International Trade Administration (ITA) invites U.S. exporters to a webinar series focused on business opportunities in South America. Starting in March, each session will cover an overview of a selected market, its key sectors, reasons to consider doing business there, and ITA resources available to exporters interested in doing business in the market.
    Register today for any these sessions or for the entire eleven-part webinar series:  If you are interested in all of the webinars, please register for the entire series.
    Cost: $35 per participant per webinar or $200 for the entire series per company. If you are interested in all of the webinars, please register for the entire series.

    Virtual Healthcare Road Trip to Southeast Europe
    Healthcare is a top priority for the European Union (EU). Under the EU4Health Program, the EU has pledged 5.1 billion euros over the next seven years to improve and foster healthcare, thus creating an export opportunity for U.S. businesses.
    If your business is interested in learning more about the healthcare opportunities in Southeastern Europe, join ITA on June 8 and 9 for a virtual road trip highlighting the healthcare markets of Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, and Romania. Participants will also be introduced to healthcare firms and organizations in the region. These introductions will be based on participants’ individual objectives and countries of interest.
    To register for this event, please email Taylor.Little@trade.gov.

    Doing Business in Bolivia
    Join the Commercial Service on June 9 to learn about the business opportunities in Bolivia for U.S. exporters. Bolivia’s economy has grown by nearly five percent annually in the past ten years, leading to a dramatic increase in the size and purchasing power of an emergent middle class. This growth presents a unique export opportunity for U.S. businesses; Bolivian consumers like to purchase U.S. products, as it’s seen as a status symbol.
    This webinar is the seventh in our Exporting to South America Series, which covers several high prospect sectors and the associated opportunities. The series also reviews reasons to consider doing business in each market, and ITA resources available to help businesses reach their export goals.
    Register Today!

    VIRTUAL B2B EXPO: Smart Mobility Drives Europe & Eurasia
    The U.S. Commercial Service will continue to lead in connecting U.S. exporters to foreign government procurement representatives, buyers, distributors, partners, and multipliers, all recruited by our U.S. Embassy Industry Experts from Europe & Eurasia. This 1/2-day, week-long Virtual B2B Expo will help you create dynamic business relationships from your desktop, explore new markets, and identify potential export sales leads immediately! U.S. Exporters will also virtually connect with our U.S. Embassy Industry Experts to gain strategic intelligence and learn first-hand about real time market developments in-country.
    Pre-screened overseas government/procurement officials, distributors, buyers, importers, partners, and industry multipliers have been recruited by our U.S. Embassy & Consulate colleagues from 24 foreign markets: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. 
    • When: June 14-18, 2021
    • Registration Deadline: June 9, 2021
    • Where: Online
    • Cost: $125
    STEP Grants may be available to offset the cost of participation. For more information, contact Dan Kim at Dan.Kim@trade.gov

    Virtual Trade Mission: Virtual Trade Mission Opportunities in West Africa
    CS Chicago and Illinois OTI will be supporting Illinois-based companies interested in pursuing opportunities in West Africa with a Virtual Trade Mission to Nigeria, Senegal, and Ivory coast in July and August of 2021.
    Ivory Coast: July 6th – 16th
    Nigeria: July 19th – 30th
    Senegal: August 2nd – 14th
    These missions will provide participants opportunities to:
    • Increase their export volume
    • Access a 300 million person market
    • Connect with Government officials and public sector decision makers
    • Grow their business in some of the highest growth markets in the world
    • Establish a foothold in the leading markets in West Africa
    • Enter or expand into Africa
    • Exploit opportunities offered by the African Continental Free Trade Area Common Market (AfCFTA)
    • Reach the world from their office desktop
    B2B appointments will be conducted by the US Commercial Service and US Embassy with local importers, distributors, and partners in the region.
    For more information, please contact Sam Ntum at Sam.Ntum@illinois.gov or Bailey Rowell at Bailey.Rowell@trade.gov .

    Digital Transformation Business Mission - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar with an optional stop to UAE: October 21 & 24-28, 2021
    Grow your business with us. Join other U.S. technology executives and the U.S. Department of Commerce on our Digital Transformation Business Mission to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar with an optional stop to the UAE from October 21 & 24-28, 2021. Apply here by June 30.  
    Contact Andrey.Piroozgar@trade.gov if you have any questions.

    Export Opportunities and Sector Specific Insights

    globeHere are some of the latest market intelligence reports produced by ITA trade experts at U.S. embassies and consulates around the world.
    United Kingdom Cyber Security Market: The U.K. cyber security market, valued at over $7 billion, is regarded as the largest cyber security market in Europe.
    Costa Rica Public Infrastructure: Cost Rica infrastructure projects such as train systems, airports, highways, ports, bridges, and water treatment present opportunities for U.S. companies.
    Tanzania Agribusiness Water Solutions: Agriculture is a critical economic sector, representing 28.7% of Tanzania’s Gross Domestic Product and almost over 70% of the productive workforce.