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    Commercial Service Illinois continues to provide our clients and partners with counseling and information during these challenging times. Know that we are here for you whether you have questions about the status of an event, need to cancel a service, or are checking on the status of an export market.
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    Local News

    Welcome to Chicago!  Mr. Bailey Rowell has joined the Chicago USEAC as International Trade Specialist. Bailey’s most recent position was in Des Moines, Iowa with “Kuder” an EdTech company as Vice President for International Business for developing and implementing global EdTech programs.  Bailey holds a bachelor’s degree in international business from the University of St. Thomas and an MBA from the Minnesota School of Business. Bailey spent several years living and working in Cartagena, Spain. Bailey is fluent in Spanish.
    Connect with your local International Trade Specialist Today!  
    Chicago (Northern Illinois)
    Hovan Asdourian, Director 
    Andrey Piroozgar, International Trade Specialist 
    Industry Coverage: Information and Communication Technology, Consumer Goods, Travel & Tourism, Financial Services, Textile and Apparel
    Bailey Rowell , International Trade Specialist 
    Industry Coverage: Environmental Technologies, Energy and Chemicals
    Dan Kim, Senior International Trade Specialist 
    Industries: Advanced Manufacturing; Machinery; Plastics; Transportation Equipment & Services: Automotive, Railroad; Marine Technologies; Logistics Services
    Haley Milan, Senior International Trade Specialist 
    Industries: Agribusiness; Food Processing/Packaging Equipment and Hotel/Restaurant Equipment; Education & Training
    Monica Toporkiewicz, Senior International Trade Specialist 
    Industries: Healthcare & Life Sciences
    Richard Carpenter, Senior International Trade Specialist 
    Industries: Aerospace; Safety & Security; Design & Construction Services; Defense; Plastics
    Peoria (Southern Illinois) 
    Elizabeth Ahern, Director
    All industries in downstate Illinois (South of I-80)

    Featured Event

    Women's Trade Event
    WOMEN’S GLOBAL TRADE EMPOWERMENT FORUM: Expanding Trade in North America & Beyond
    FREE six-part digital series July 28 – September 22, 2020
    With the implementation of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), this dynamic forum provides a unique opportunity to gain the tools, skills and networks to build an export strategy and develop business connections.
    Hear from Trade Experts and Seasoned Female Executives and Business Owners in six, 60 to 90-minute sessions on:
    • July 28: USMCA & the Future of Trade in North America
    • August 11: Tips for financing your exports & getting paid
    • August 25: How to thrive in the Digital Trade Economy Under USMCA
    • September 1: Will USMCA & Customs/Rules of Origin impact your company?
    • September 10: Find the best legal Strategies for your global success
    • September 22: Protect your most valuable asset - intellectual property
    Additionally, 50 women business owners in the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Education, Design & Construction, Medical Devices & Services, ICT and Energy sectors have the unique opportunity to register for the six part virtual forum plus the following industry-focused activities for just $50:
    • Dive deeper into the day’s topics during 30 minute facilitated break-out discussions, along with U.S., Canadian and Mexican firms in your industry, immediately following the virtual sessions on Financing, Digital Trade, Customs and Legal Strategies.  
    • Schedule virtual 1-on-1 meetings between July 28 - Sept. 22 with:
      • Buyers + potential partners from Canada and Mexico
      • U.S. Government trade experts and in-country industry specialists
    • Work with a mentor to create a USMCA strategic market expansion plan, both for new and experienced exporters, that will highlight key topics and takeaways from the Forum series.
    Learn more/register for the event

    Virtual Opportunities

    Back 2 Business – Virtual B2B Auto Expo
    Join the U.S. Commercial Service June 29 – July 17 and take part in FREE virtual matchmaking meetings with Pre-Screened International Buyers & Potential Partners with free market-specific counseling with our auto industry colleagues from U.S. Embassies and Consulates worldwide. We are using a secured online matchmaking platform, Eventtia, to enable you to schedule your priority B2B and market counseling meetings.  This event will run consecutively for 3 weeks (Monday - Friday) facilitating 100% global interaction across multiple time zones. You will be able to connect virtually with International Buyers and Potential Partners from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Nordics, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South Africa, Turkey, and Ukraine.
    Key Deliverables:
    • Promote your U.S. products and services on a secured global digital platform
    • Increase Distribution Channels
    • Request meetings with Pre-Screened International Buyers & Potential Partners
    • Meet 1-on-1 with U.S. Embassy Diplomats / Auto Industry Experts
    • Receive 1st Class Market Intelligence 
    For questions and information contact: Dan.Kim@trade.gov Register and find more details here: https://live.eventtia.com/en/back-2-business-virtual-auto-expo 
    eCommerce & the Chinese Market - Webinar
    China is the world’s largest and most lucrative online market, with over 632 million Internet users. Cross-border eCommerce is experiencing significant growth; estimates suggest that the current $122 billion of cross-border eCommerce transactions could grow to $199 billion by 2022. Join us July 9th for a webinar hosted by the Illinois Dept. of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, a panel of international business experts, including the U.S. Commercial Service, will share how to successfully engage with the Chinese market during these times of decreased international business travel. For questions contact Andrey Piroozgar at Andrey.Piroozgar@trade.go
    Unlocking Infrastructure Growth Potential: Sub-Saharan Africa
    The U.S. Commercial Service Kansas City, in partnership with the World Trade Center Kansas City, invites you to participate in this virtual program on July 14, at 10:30 CST featuring speakers from Black & Veatch, Alpha Energy & Electric, Millennium Challenge Corporation, and the U.S. Commercial Service Mozambique.With six of the ten fastest growing economies in the world and over one billion consumers, Africa is poised to play a pivotal role in the global economy. Meanwhile, producers in Africa see a U.S. consumer market of more than 300 million people that already has a purchasing power of $13 trillion — the largest in the world. American companies not only bring significant capital, innovation, and proven solutions, but adhere to the highest standards of transparency, quality, and social responsibility. Registration and additional information can be found here: Register for Unlocking Infrastructure Growth Potential
    Tips for Winning United Nations Tenders
    Join the U.S. Commercial Service on July 14th for the second webinar in the Doing Business with the United Nations series. A Senior UN Procurement Officer will provide in-depth tips on how to successfully bid on and win United Nations tenders. This seminar will offer an opportunity to directly engage with a UN procurement officer, focusing on how to win contracts in the UN’s nearly $19 billion global procurement market, covering a wide range of goods and services. The event will be particularly informative for companies that have already registered as vendors and are now looking to bid on projects.
    Could one of these countries be your next export market? 
    Watch one or more of our short Export Market Destination videos to see if there may be potential for your product or service. You'll get insight from our in-country trade experts.
    Eurasia Infrastructure 3 Part Webinar Series 
    Participants will hear Regional Overviews of Business Environments/Infrastructure Opportunities for Eurasia, Trade and Investment Framework, Identification of opportunities along with Project-Level assistance and support for U.S. Exports. This three part series will commence on July 14, with part 2 taking place on July 21st,  and the 3rd portion on July 28th. Participants will gain understanding of the Eurasian business environment and infrastructure sector, U.S. GOV Trade Policy to compete with China's Belt and Road Initiative and followed by International Financing for Eurasian Infrastructure. Topics covered will include in depth market intelligence for Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Eurasia; Bilateral, and multilateral trade agreements; U.S. Engagement with Eurasia; Multi-Lateral International Financial Institutions; Upcoming individual project highlights. Click here to register for this free webinar series or contact Richard.carpenter@trade.gov for any questions.
    Agriculture and Water Resources - Business Opportunities in Chile
    In the midst of its worst drought in history, Chile is looking for the latest technologies to improve water use efficiency. Farmers are looking to incorporate best practices and high-end technology in their production processes. Join the U.S. Commercial Service on July 15th and learn about the agriculture and water resources industry sectors in Chile and reasons to consider doing business in the country. The country is an excellent market for the latest and most innovative irrigation technology, as well as use and preservation of existing water resources. Chile geographical location in the southern hemisphere, allows for counter-season products to be exported to the northern hemisphere, where main consumers are. Please contact Haley Milan at Haley.Milan@trade.gov for questions. 
    Special Briefing on the Security Market in Europe
    Join us on July 16, at 10:00 AM CST, to hear from the U.S. Commercial Service and sector experts about the current infrastructure and homeland security marketer in Europe. The value of the global Critical Infrastructure Protection market was estimated to be over $100 billion in 2019 with Europe leading its way. The increasing demand for security measures against terrorist attacks and for controlling the business assets in Europe has represented the main opportunities for U.S. physical security companies for a while. Moreover, in today’s context there is an increased focus on contact free screening and security technologies. To register for this free webinar click here, or contact Richard.carpenter@trade.gov with any questions.
    COVID-19 and Infrastructure Sector in Canada
    Join us July 16, at 11:00 AM CST to hear from the U.S. Commercial Service and sector experts to help you understand the current issues within the Canadian market and support a growth strategy for Canada. Canada invests over C$90 billion per year in capital spending on infrastructure with many large infrastructure projects planned. Infrastructure investments will continue to play a key role in Canada’s economic recovery post-COVID. To register for this free webinar click here, and for questions, contact Richard.Carpenter@trade.gov.
    Intelligent Manufacturing in Europe Coffee Chat Series
    The U.S. Commercial Service's Global Advanced Manufacturing Team and Europe Team invite American exporters to join us for "virtual coffee chats" with our U.S. Embassy colleagues across Europe. These informal video discussions are through Microsoft Teams. Each session will cover the current status of the advanced manufacturing sector in the region and include a brief regional overview.
    July 16 - Poland / Hungary / Slovakia / Czech Republic
    July 30 - Germany / Austria / Belgium
    August 13 - Italy / Turkey
    August 27 - Sweden / Denmark / UK
    Participants must register. There is no fee for this series. Contact Pam.Plagens@trade.gov or Anastasia.Xenias@trade.gov
    Infrastructure Project Opportunities in the Central America Region
    Join us July 21st, at 1:00 PM CST to hear from the U.S. Commercial Service and sector experts to reach Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica markets which are nestled in the Central America Region of the Americas, with a combined total population of about 39 million people and combined GDP of more than $ 194 billion.  Learn about Infrastructure Project Opportunities in Central America with a focus on: Critical Needed Central American Region Infrastructure projects; Opportunities in sectors like transportation, ports, security, roads, border improvements, digital transformation and more; Central American Bank of Economic Integration Provision of $450M USD in funds to Costa Rica to support electric passenger trains; $8.5 Million USD investment in El Salvador and their infrastructure master plan by IDB. To register for this free webinar click here, or if you have questions please contact Richard.Carpenter@trade.gov.
    Three Webinars for Export Skill Building & Problem Solving - Rural Export Center
    To celebrate the launch of the Rural Export Center (REC), we are offering three FREE webinars. Join the Rural Export Center in introductory, one-hour webinars on: website globalization (July 28), using customized research from the Rural Export Center (August 11) and market research skills (August 20). Whether your company is small and new to exporting or large and global, these informative webinars will demonstrate immediate actions you can take to grow your company internationally. For questions, email Heather Ranck or Jim Newenhouse 
    Asia EDGE Virtual Workshop Series – July 23 – December 3
    Join us starting on July 23Rd, and continuing on through December (see dates on registration link) for the Asia EDGE Virtual Workshop Series, which will convene U.S. private sector stakeholders and U.S. government officials across nine U.S. government agencies to facilitate deep-dive discussions on regional and sub-sector specific priorities for U.S. energy companies in the Indo-Pacific. U.S. industry participants will have the opportunity to: Highlight U.S. Industry Priorities and challenges to inform future Asia EDGE programs; learn abut programmatic priorities, gain access to the strategic tools and resources available through Asia EDGE; Join the Energy Industry Working Group; and pursue deep dives into multiple aspects of power generation and delivery; explore project financing tools. To register for this free webinar series, please click here (notice – first come first serve 50 company limit), and for any questions, email Richard.carpenter@trade.gov.
    Infrastructure Opportunities in Australia and the Pacific Islands
    Join us July 26, at 5:00 PM CST to hear from the U.S. Commercial Service and sector experts about A priority list of 15 projects for "fast-track approval" include: the inland rail project from Melbourne-Brisbane; the Marinus undersea electricity link Tasmania-Victoria; the Olympic Dam extension and road, rail, and iron ore projects. Topics covered will include: a Broad overview of the state of infrastructure in Australia; NSW Regional infrastructure opportunities; Priorities for Pacific Island countries; Approaches on working with international infrastructure projects. To register for this free teams meeting please click here, or contact Richard.Carpenter@trade.gov for questions.
    Powering Algeria and Beyond  
    Join us on July 29th, at 10:00 AM CST, for Powering Algeria and Beyond. Algeria is the largest country in Africa and among the most modern, wealthy, and electrified countries on the continent.  To propel future development, the country’s state-owned power company and its subsidiaries have embarked on an ambitious development strategy.  By implementing this strategy, it seeks to ensure the country’s energy security, continue its energy transition, support its economic development, and export power equipment and services to other African markets. Join the U.S. Commercial Service in Algeria, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, the CEO of the Algerian Power Company, and the former General Manager of GE Power Algeria to learn about opportunities for U.S. exporters in this dynamic sector of the Algerian economy. To register click here, or contact Richard.carpenter@trade.gov for any questions.
    Webinar on the impacts of COVID-19 on Nigeria's Architecture & Construction Industry
    Save the date - July 30th, time TBD, to hear from the U.S. Commercial Service and sector experts about the impact that COVID-19 is having on the Architecture & Construction industries in Nigeria. For additional information please contact Richard.Carpenter@trade.gov.   
    Energy Project Finance Moving into Late 2020, and 2021
    Join us on July 30th, at 10:00 AM CST, for a series of webinars supporting the U.S. energy industry. For the first in the series, hear from two critical institutions involved in international finance for the industry: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which focuses on project finance in Latin America, which provides trade financing solutions. Learn more in the program flyer. Please click here to register, or contact Richard.carpenter@trade.gov with questions.
    Virtual Fintech Fair - Asia
    Join us on August 4 – August 5 for our Virtual Fintech Fair which will allow U.S. companies an opportunity to showcase their services and products to Asia. The Virtual Fintech Fair is an interactive and exclusively online event showcasing fintech products, fintech companies, and foreign buyers. The event will showcase 100+ fintech companies from across Asia and host 3000+ delegates for thought leadership sessions by top speakers from around the world. Register for free as a delegate!
    If you want to learn more about exhibiting, contact Andrey Piroozgar at Andrey.piroozgar@trade.gov
    Registration for Discover Global Markets: Growth Opportunities in Intelligent Manufacturing in Indianapolis, October 7-9, 2020, is open. 
    Discover Global Markets: Growth Opportunities in Intelligent Manufacturing will cut across smart technology aspects of various industries, including automotive, healthcare, aerospace and energy storage. Products and services may include manufacturing machinery, composites, electric and autonomous vehicles, next generation batteries, automation products, supply and security solutions, wearables, sensors and digital services, among others. See the official site for more information and registration.
    Upcoming Western Hemisphere Energy Projects Webinar Series (July – August)
    Join us on August 5th for a series of webinars which are part of a series focused on upcoming Energy projects in the Western Hemisphere announced by different governments in the region to stimulate their economies. These projects represent a fantastic opportunity for U.S. Companies in different areas of the energy sector, including generation, distribution, maintenance, modernization, efficiencies, and more. Please click here to register, and see upcoming dates for remainder of series, or contact Richard.carpenter@trade.gov with any questions.

    Business Resources

    SBASmall Business Administration (SBA): Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources
    All businesses now eligible to apply for Economic Injury Disaster Loans of up to $2 million per business. The  Paycheck Protection Program designed to help small businesses keep their workforce employed.  Check the website for more programs as well.
    Online applications are highly recommended due to the influx of applications. If you have additional questions, please visit SBA.gov/disaster, or the SBA disaster assistance customer service center.
    Visit sba.gov/coronavirus for updates on the loan program, guidance for businesses and employers, and other SBA resources. 

    ExIm BankEXIM Bank Response and Resources activities.The following temporary EXIM programs now available to provide relief to U.S. businesses their buyers, financial institutions, and American workers negatively impacted by COVID-19:
    Bridge Financing Program        
    Pre-Delivery / Pre-Export Financing Program            
    Supply Chain Financing Guarantee Program            
    Working Capital Guarantee Program.
    Details regarding the relief provisions and contact information for EXIM program representatives may be found here.

    Other Resources

    How to Help: If you are a company with medical supplies to donate or sell, a volunteer who is medically trained, or  a member of the general public