• In the Light Studios, A Creative Agency, joins Elgin’s Business Network.

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    April 22, 2019

    ·      As a member of the Elgin Area Chamber, ILS is offering a free brand assessment to organizations looking to transform themselves into a brand.

    ·      ILS is also providing a free consultation to organizations looking to creatively solve their business issue.

    In the Light Studios (ILS), a creative agency located in Elgin, IL, has recently joined the Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce to help organizations connect with their audience through visual media and marketing services. ILS produces promotional, commercial, and video testimonies, creates marketing materials for print and web, and consults with organizations looking to transform their business. Organizations channeling these services through ILS have found themselves fully branded and highly competitive within their industry, a byproduct of working with a creative agency consistently over time.

    Shajan M. Karottu, Founder and CEO of ILS, started the organization with a vision to tell stories through the use of video. As opportunities presented itself, Shajan created marketing materials for clients with the use of 3D programs, a tool used for video production. The outcome of integrating 3D with his print collateral for clients helped set them apart from their competitors.

    In 2013, Shajan began offering web design services as he was able to integrate and the videos and marketing material he produced for clients in one area. “I never had intentions of building brands. It just happened over time. I really wanted to help organizations do what they do better, to be a support for them. But because of my curiosity, willingness to explore and try new things, I found myself branding organizations over time because all their marketing material came from a single creative…me.”

    In 2015, Shajan invested in building out his basement into a complete studio with office space. Organizations were now able to show up and film training videos, testimonials, promotional videos and work if they need to or have a white board session to ideate. “Filming at small business locations is not always easy. So, I created the space for my clients in mind. It’s hard to explain all that’s down here in my basement. People usually have a preconceived idea of what working out of my basement looks like until they show up and see all the workstations and screens. They’re always amazed, and as a number of people have said, they seem to have entered the matrix.”

    After working with a number of different clients, ILS could see a pattern arising with small business owners, clients who never had a clear vision or plan for distributing the work. Clients either tried to market themselves with poor results or didn’t market at all. Work ILS created was done in vain and was starting to eat at ILS’s reason for being.

    To solve this issue, ILS added a marketing role to their agency, a powerful next step for a creative agency. “We want to be stewards with not only our time, treasure, and talent, but with our clients as well. Our clients trust us in visually representing them. A lot of the time, they find it hard to trust a marketing who just came on board and doesn’t understand them fully. So, we took it upon ourselves to offer this service for our clients as we already have done the research. Now, it only helps us understand their target market even more and essentially helps us build their brand.”

    From solopreneur to business owner, Shajan now finds himself leading a team of creatives at ILS. His team consists of a video editor, graphic & web designer, a project manager, and a marketer. The team collaborates with a number of other consultants and firms to help both organizations connect with their target audience and drive results.

    To find out more about the organization and what they can do, visit www.inthelightstudios.com. Email them at at info@intelightstudios.com or connect with them by phone during normal business hours, Monday through Friday at (224) 801-1776.

    Shajan Karottu, Owner
    (224) 801-1776
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