• Starship Travel Welcomes 2021 and 35 Yers of Making Dreams Come True!

    January 2021
    Find out what Starship Travel is up to!
    Welcome, 2021! Starship Travel is wishing everyone a Happy New Year- we hope to see many more faces in the office in 2021, and many more beautiful destinations! Read on to see what we have been up to and find out how destinations are changing for our safety.
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    Our Favorites from 2020
    Though this year was unlike any other, Starship Travel managed to make the most of it! We were eager to experience all our favorite destinations with their new protocols in place. It is extremely important to us that we recommend safe, fun travel to our clients that we have experienced first-hand. Read our blog post to see all the adventures we were able to accomplish while staying safe.
    Check out our Favorites of 2020
    Check out our new blog all about Jamaica and Covid-19 restrictions
    During the pandemic, Linda and Karen traveled to Florida, Costa Mujeres, the Dominican Republic and most recently, Jamaica. We have documented all of our experiences on our website for those trying to determine the safety of travel in 2021. In our Jamaica blog, we attempted to show the new procedures put in place throughout every step of the trip. We also showed new ways the hotels are keeping their guests safe throughout their stay. If you are uncertain about traveling, please read this blog post for first-hand experience and pictures!
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    35 Years Making Dreams Come True
    As Starship Travel approaches our 35th Anniversary in the travel industry, we look forward to a wonderful 2021. We are confident that travel will return to it's full volume soon. Starship Travel is hoping to host our 35th Anniversary Celebration Travel Show in the Fall of 2021. More to come soon!
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    Happy Holidays!
    Happy Holidays and New Year from Starship Travel!
    We are hoping that everyone had a safe and happy holiday season, and will continue to stay safe and healthy in the new year! Welcome 2021!