• Kane County's Long-Range Transportation Plan Welcoming Comments

    Public Comment Deadline Nov. 18 For KDOT 2050 Long-Range Transportation Plan


    Kane County has completed a draft of the 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan and is soliciting comments from the public.

    Go to the 2050 Plan page at http://kdot.countyofkane.org/Pages/Long-Range.aspx and view the slide show, review the plan, and provide your feedback. Comments will be accepted through Nov. 18.

    Long Range Transportation Plan Update

    The 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan is the long-term vision for Kane County that guides transportation development through the year 2050.

    Mandated by Illinois state statute, a long-range transportation plan is imperative for the safety of Kane County residents and visitors, and an essential planning and implementation tool to support viable economic development.

    The plan is based on projections of growth and travel demand and seeks solutions on how to accommodate additional residents and jobs by the year 2050. Development of the Long Range Transportation Plan identifies the long term transportation needs in the county and contains strategies and implementation plans for improvements to the transportation network.

    To view the existing plan, click here.

    Public Comment

    Kane County Division of Transportation is looking for comments on the draft 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan. In the Documents section below, there is a slideshow with a summary of the plan and description of how it was developed.

    KDOT officials suggest reviewing the slideshow first, then clicking on the link for the full plan. The third link will open a document where you can provide comments.

    The comment period is open through Nov. 18, 2020.

    Plan Oversight

    The Kane County Transportation Committee and Kane County Board have received updates on the plan process and progress during their regularly scheduled meetings.

    The 2050 Plan is targeted for approval by the end of the year.


    What Happens Without Improvements

    According to the 2050 plan introductory slides, without improvements, the county transportation system performance will decline between now and forecast year 2050.

    • By 2050, across all roadways, 73% of route-miles and 75% of lane-miles would be congested.
    • For county roads alone, 69% of route-miles and 74% of lane-miles would be congested.
    • Overall, between 2015 and 2050, for all roads, the vehicle miles of travel would increase by 63%, and the vehicle hours of travel would increase nearly two times. Vehicle hours of delay would increase by approximately five times as a result of increased congestion.
    • For county highways, the vehicle miles of travel would increase by 79%, the vehicle hours of travel would more than double, and the vehicle hours of delay would increase by more than four times.
    • By 2050, most roadways would operate with moderate congestion or worse. For the entire highway system, congested lane-miles would increase by 70%.
    • While 41% of Kane County experienced congestion in existing conditions, congestion would expand to cover 73% of the county in 2050.