• Middleby invests in no-filter air purification system

    ELGIN -- The Middleby Corp. Wednesday announced the launch of Bluezone by Middleby, a patented, advanced technology for indoor air purification. Middleby recently entered into an exclusive licensing agreement and made an investment in Bluezone Products Inc., the developer of the no-filter air purification system.

    The system is used by the U.S. military and destroys 99.9995% of viruses and other indoor contaminants such as bacteria, mold and gases impacting indoor air quality, the company said.

    "Our partnership with Bluezone allows us to make restaurants and all indoor spaces safer by offering a proven technology that outperforms HEPA and other systems currently in the marketplace. Our customers now have access to the most innovative and advanced air purification technology available," said Tim FitzGerald, CEO of Middleby.

    Restrictions placed on indoor dining as well as customer apprehension has created an immediate and pressing need to address indoor air quality at restaurants and other venues, he said.

    Bluezone Products is based in Woburn, Massachusetts.