• Elgin Allows Temporary Sales and Delivery of ''To Go'' Mixed Drinks/Cocktails


    Elgin Allows Temporary Sales and Delivery of "To Go" Mixed Drinks/Cocktails


    Mayor Kaptain Signs Proclamation and Order to Allow Temporary "To Go" Cocktails for Certain Liquor Licenses

    Elgin, IL - The City of Elgin announces the temporary allowance of "to go" mixed drinks and cocktails for those liquor licenses permitted for onsite sales and consumption of alcohol.

    On Wednesday, June 10, Mayor Kaptain signed a proclamation and order which temporarily allows bars and restaurants to offer the sales and delivery of "to go" mixed drinks and cocktails, subject to requirements and restrictions of the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (listed below). This applies only to liquor licensees authorized for on premise sales and consumption. This authorization is temporary and will remain in effect until June 2, 2021, or until otherwise rescinded by the order of the Mayor, the City of Elgin Liquor Commission or the Elgin city council. The City of Elgin is committed to working with restaurants and bars that have faced hardships during the pandemic and phases of recovery plan, and this measure provides one more option to help increase sales.

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