• Com Ed Offers Small Business Assessment to Save Costs

    Control Your Costs, Save Energy and Money

    The Small Business process is service provider-driven that starts with an assessment of the facility and provides an energy efficiency opportunities report to the customers. Once the customer selects which measures to implement, the service provider does all the incentive paperwork and implementation. Once the project is completed, the approved incentive is paid to the service provider and in turn, the service provider discounts their invoice to the customer by the incentive amount. Small Business incentives typically cover 50-75% of the project cost.  

    The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program offers our smaller business customers energy efficiency options which include:

    • A FREE assessment of your facility
    • A price quote and instant incentives
    • Full installation services 

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    Simple Process, Impressive Results

    We provide a ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider to fully manage the process for you. Plus, your incentives are automatically deducted from the cost by your Service Provider—no paperwork!

    Let ComEd Connect You with a Service Provider

    Ready to schedule your assessment now?

    1. Answer a few short questions and request assessment times convenient for you.
    2. We will match you with the Service Provider that’s right for you.
    3. The Service Provider will complete your on-site energy assessment.
    4. Fill out a survey about your experience.

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    View our list of Small Business Service Providers by using the Find a Service Provider button below or call us at 1-855-433-2700.

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