• The ''Smart Salt and You'' travelling exhibit is now on the second floor of the Gail Borden Main Libra

    The "Smart Salt and You" traveling exhibit is now on the second floor of the Gail Borden Main Library at 270 N. Grove, Elgin Illinois.  Spearheaded by Elgin Mayor David Kaptain, the message of the exhibit relative to salt usage is simple - more isn't always better.
    Smart Salt and You are intended to bring awareness about how little salt is needed to be effective to promote safety on icy surfaces.   Salt negatively impacts groundwater, rivers, pets, and plants.  The Northwest Water Planning Alliance Sensible Salting Committee and the Conservation Foundation along with Aurora, Schaumburg, Joliet, and Gail Borden library staff members were part of this effort.
    On January 31 at 10 am in person or online (https://fb.me/e/47MYvalqr),  please join Mayor Kaptain, Jennifer Hammer of the Conservation Foundation, Val Devine from Joliet, Stephanie Driscoll from Schaumburg, Ali Lanthrum from Aurora and Gail Borden Library representatives as they talk about why the "more salt isn't better" message is important for our water.
    "The water quality matters everywhere.  With our water supply coming from the Fox River, water health is especially important here," said Elgin Mayor David Kaptain. He explained that locally there is a compelling example of salt impact as hockey and ice skating were activities at Lords Park pond in years past. The pond no longer freezes due to salt runoff.
    Jennifer Hammer, the Director of Watershed Programs at the Conservation Foundation said, "We can be safe and protect the health of our local waters when we are Salt Smart. Shovel first and only salt where needed to be safe."
    Smart Salt and You will be at Gail Borden Library until mid-February.  It will then travel to the Schaumburg Township District Library and then it will travel to the Aurora Public Library in mid-March. In November 2023, Smart Salt and You will be at the Joliet Public Library.
    This is short, funny video - "More Isn't Always Better" - accompanies this exhibit - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZLhdNCrQgs