• Transportation and Development-Economic Development Week

    Transportation and Development

    The Elgin Development Group (EDG), a division of the Elgin Chamber of Commerce,  is celebrating Economic Development Week from May 9 through May 13 to raise awareness of the work being done between the City of Elgin and the Elgin Chamber of Commerce to raise awareness of the local economic development program.

    The partnership with the City of Elgin consists of core services and deliverables that include Transportation and Development. This aspect focuses on critical land use and the transportation network needed to sustain development. The EDG seeks all opportunities for participating in the planning of needed transportation and infrastructure projects impacting Elgin, Kane and Cook Counties. The EDG assists the City in identifying and monitoring additional infrastructure needs such as rail, water, power, communications, broadband, and bus services.

    Projects that the EDG is involved with include the Kane County Impact Fee Ordinance, Randall Over 90, US 20 at Shales Parkway, US 20 at McLean, Pace Suburban Bus routing, Randall Road and Alft Lane, electrical power disruptions, and broadband extensions, to name a few. The EDG Transportation and Development Committee helps to steer these projects as a group of volunteer experts such as road builders, officials from Kane County and the City of Elgin, Illinois Department of Transportation, property owners and developers, housing developers, Pace and government officials provide input.
    The EDG brings people together to provide an important forum and sounding board for government officials, businesses, and representatives from the development community pertaining to transportation.

    For more information or to participate, please contact the EDG at 847-741-5663.