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    Indonesia: Promoting Public Safety Through
    Resilient Infrastructure
    Indonesia has more than 3.5 million square miles of sea – totaling roughly 70 percent of its territory. This geography presents unique challenges for strengthening the country’s resilience to natural disasters and climate change and for protecting the safety of its 270 million citizens. To meet these challenges, USTDA teamed with Indonesia’s Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics in 2017 to support the country’s plans to fund an integrated system of advanced maritime and weather information to protect lives and property on and off the water.
    Through a reverse trade mission to the United States, USTDA was able to connect leaders from Indonesia’s meteorology and maritime sectors to state-of-the-art American technologies and services, as well as the U.S. policies, regulations and financing mechanisms that could help inform Indonesia’s way forward with its proposed integrated system. The delegation participated in site visits, company tours, and discussions with U.S. technology providers, government agencies, and research institutions across the United States.
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    Resource Guide: ICT Opportunities in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru
    USTDA has issued a new resource guide for U.S. exporters, showcasing the top ICT project opportunities in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
    Learn more about the latest opportunities related to terrestrial telecommunications, subsea communications, smart cities and e-government and internet of things (IoT).
    You can access the resource guide here.