• Ribbon Cuttings

    Whether you are celebrating a grand opening, a grand re-opening, or a new service or business venture, the Elgin Area Chamber Chamber will provide your business with a ribbon cutting ceremony at no cost. For a ribbon cutting ceremony description, please continue reading. You must be a current Chamber member in good standing for the Elgin Area Chamber to organize or participate in your ribbon cutting.

    By hosting a ribbon cutting, you can: Introduce both the public and Chamber members to your business, announce your ribbon cutting on the Chamber’s Community Calendar and eNewsletter, familiarize the public and Chamber members with your product/services, and begin/develop a customer base. Ribbon cutting ceremonies are included with membership.

    The Elgin Area Chamber will…

    1. Notify the Chamber’s Board of Directors of your event
    2. Notify the Mayor, City Council and /or Elected officials of your event and request their attendance
    3. Notify the news media of your event
    4. List your ribbon cutting on the Chamber’s online calendar and in the eNewsletter
    5. Share the event via the Chamber’s social media outlets
    6. Bring the ceremonial ribbon for the cutting, and coordinate using the ceremonial scissors
    7. Take pictures at the event and publish in our newsletter, website and social media outlets

    While the Chamber will assist with the ribbon cutting, we strongly encourage you to conduct your own additional promotion to increase the attendance and awareness of your business’s opening. Please understand that you should not rely solely on the Chamber to attract your audience.

    Your Responsibility…

    1. Schedule your event using our ribbon cutting application at least two weeks in advance.
      -Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are usually the best days of the week for business people.
      - Please be aware that holiday and weekend ribbon cuttings can have lower attendance
    2. Food and beverages are not required but many members provide them.
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