• Staff

  • For us, this isn't just a job. It's about collaborating with incredible people, continually learning and developing while working relentlessly to build a more equitable community to ensure YOUR business can thrive in the Elgin area now and well into the future.

  • Carol Gieske, President & CEO
    847-741-5660 x 216
    Carol is dedicated to your business growth and well-being. She is your go-to-person in deciding where your marketing dollars are best placed and for connecting community leaders. She’s is also the person to talk to about getting more involved.

    Fun Fact: Carol is a life-long member of this community.


  • Terry Gajewski, VP Finance & MIS
    Be sure to keep Terry's email handy. You will want to connect with her for help completing your member profile or other online resources. Terry is also a wiz at keeping member finance records straight. Contact her to ask if you have a question about billing.
    Fun Fact: Terry is an Elgin transplant from Chicago


  • Tony Lucenko, Economic Development
    847-741-5660 x220
    Need help with moving or expanding your business in Elgin? Want to learn about exporting? Having an issue with a utility? Tony is the established regional "go-to" problem solver. Tony works with local industry to connect them to the resources and people they need to thrive in Elgin.
    Fun Fact: Говорить Українську Мовy or in English “Speaks Ukrainian”


  • Denise Schramm, Adminstrative Assistant
    847-741-5660 x0
    Whether you walk into our office or call, Denise typically is the first point of contact. Denise manages our membership database and can assist you with registrations, job and event posting, and more. Denise also manages the member kiosk in our lobby. Bring or send her your flyers and business cards to display.
    Fun Fact: A self-proclaimed "Crazy Cat Lady"


  • Bob Malm, Economic Development Director
    847-741-5660 x 212

    Bob is dedicated to your business growth and well-being. He is your go-to-person in for all things workforce. Bob spearheads our Advancing Progress program. You can learn more about Bob and Tony at elgindevelopment.com

    Fun Fact:  Bob's a race car buff!
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