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Elected Officials

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The Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce (EAC) works with the Elgin City Council, Village of South Elgin Board, Kane and Cook County Soards, State of Illinois elected officials, and Federal government representatives for the good of businesses.

Over the years, we have built a solid credible relationship with our elected officials.

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Elected Officials

Municipal Governments

Elgin Council-Manager Government

The Elgin City Council is a nonpartisan elected body made up of one mayor and eight city council members who are elected to four-year terms to serve at large. At-large means that the Mayor and each City Council Member serve the entire community. The part-time Mayor and City Council appoint a City Manager, a full-time employee, to run the day-to-day operations.

  • Richard Kozal, City Manager | Email | Phone: 847-931-5590
  • David Kaptain, Mayor | Email | Cell phone 847-385-4478
  • Corey Dixon, Council Member | Email | Cell phone 847-450-3302
  • Dustin Good, Council Member | Email | Cell phone 224-636-0996
  • Rosamaria Martinez, Council Member | Email | Cell phone 847-302-7961
  • Tish S. Powell, Council Member | Email | Cell phone 224-388-6343
  • Carol J. Rauschenberger, Council Member | Email | Cell phone 847-857-0251
  • Toby Shaw, Council Member | Email | Cell phone 847-450-3432
  • F. John Steffen, Council Member | Email | Cell phone 847-741-0503
  • Steve Thoren, Council Member | Email | Cell phone 847-840-7319

Mailing Address:
150 Dexter Court | Elgin, IL 60120-5570 | Phone: 847-931-5590

The Elgin City Council meets every second and fourth Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, located on the second floor of City Hall.  The agenda and minutes are available online. Residents may attend in person at City Hall, watch the live video stream or on Channel 17/99

South Elgin Board of Trustees

Incorporated in 1897, the Village of South Elgin is a non-home-rule municipality. It is governed by an elected president and six elected boards of trustees.

  • Steve Ward, Village President | Email
  • Margo Gray, Village Clerk | Email
  • Chriss Merritt, Trustee | Email
  • Mike Koldziej, Trustee | Email
  • Jim Breunlin, Trustee | Email
  • Jennifer Barconi, Trustee | Email
  • Scott Richmond, Trustee | Email
  • Greg Lieser, Trustee | Email

Mailing Address:
Village Board of Trustees
10 N. Water Street | South Elgin, IL  60103 | (847) 742-5780

See South Elgin's Meeting & Events Calendar for dates and times of Village Board and Committee & Commission meetings.


Elected Official Mayor David Kaptain

Elgin Mayor David Kaptain

Members Enjoy Easy Access

EAC makes it easy for our business members to build relationships with local officials. From casual Legislative meet-ups at a local hot spot to annual State of the City address, EAC provides our members with access to get their voices heard.

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Township Government

Townships are required by law to perform three functions:  general assistance, property assessment and road and bridge maintenance.  Many provide a variety of services beyond the three mandated functions including programs for senior citizens, disabled citizens, youth, relief, health, emergency, cemeteries, and environmental services. 

  • Elgin is served by Elgin, Plato and Hanover Townships.
  • South Elgin is served by Elgin and Saint Charles Townships. 

If you are unsure which township you are served by, check your tax bill.

Elgin Area Leadership Academy

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Sign up for our leadership training to bring out the best in you - and your team. Participants in our award-winning Elgin Area Leadership Academy (E.A.L.A.) gain the skills and knowledge needed to become active and engaged leaders in their community.

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County Governments

Most of Elgin lies within Kane County, Illinois, with a portion in Cook County.

South Elgin lies in Kane County. 

Influence How Decisions Get Made

Decisions made by governmental officials can determine the success of your business just as much as your own decisions can - sometimes more.

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Government Officials

State of Illinois

Executive & Administrative Orders

The Government of Illinois, under Illinois' Constitution, has three branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Split into several statewide elected offices, the executive branch consists of the Governor as chief executive and head of state and numerous departments, agencies, boards, and commissions. Legislative functions are granted to the General Assembly, a bicameral body consisting of the 118-member House of Representatives and the 59-member Senate. The judiciary is composed of the Supreme Court of Illinois and lower courts.

  • JB Pritzker (D) Governor
  • Juliana Stratton (D) Lieutenant Governor
  • Kwame Raoul (D) Attorney General
  • Jesse White (D) Secretary of State
  • Susana Mendoza (D) Comptroller
  • Mike Frerichs (D) Treasurer

Illinois Senate

State Senator Don DeWitte (R) District 33

State Senator Cristina Castro (D) District 22

State Senator Karina Villa (D) District 25

Illinois House of Representatives

Representative Anna Moeller (D) District 43

Representative Fred Crespo (D) District 44

Representative Maura Hischauer (D) District 49

Representative Dan Ugaste (R) District 65

Representative Suzanne Ness (D) District 66

Federal Government Area Officials

Feceral Government Elgin Area Officals

U.S. Senators

Richard J. Durbin (D)

Tammy Duckworth (D)

U.S. House of Representatives

Sean Casten (D)

Bill Foster (D)

Raja Krishnamoorthi (D)

Delia Ramirez (D)