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  • Elgin Area Chamber Members can get answers to their HR questions!

  • The Elgin Area Chamber HR Helpline is a member benefit for the exclusive use of our members.  Through our professional HR experts, this benefit provides EAC Chamber members with a better understanding of employment-related laws, regulations, court cases, and administrative procedures. In addition to speaking with members directly, our experts can sometimes direct callers to relevant resources.


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  • Your submitted question will be routed to EAC's HR expert and that expert will call you back. Please include with your question your name, company name, phone number, and best time to reach you. Our HR Advisers are a team of highly-qualified and experienced Employment and Labor attorneys for Illinois employers on labor, employment and human resource issues.

    Practical Limitations

    The Helpline service does not extend to third parties. EAC members may not utilize the Helpline to answer questions on behalf of clients or customers. The Helpline service is intended to serve as a conversational forum. HR experts do not provide written responses to questions or review any documents. The Helpline is not a legal service, and HR experts do not provide legal representation or legal advice to members. The HR expert will recommend that you consult with your own legal counsel when appropriate. The service may only be used to discuss issues related to a member's own employees or business.