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Elgin Area Leadership Academy

Accelerate Your Leadership Skills

Master leadership skills to inspire, empower and influence outcomes in the Elgin community through our award-winning leadership development program.

Elgin Area Leadership Academy
Civic Leadership Training

No one Should be Left Behind

When people lack access or skills to engage with their government and influence the decisions, efforts fail to completely address the community's needs and inequality deepens.

An Experience You Will Never Forget

The Elgin Area Leadership Academy (EALA) could be one of the most formative experiences of your life.  EALA is a hands-on course designed to give you the skills and knowledge necessary to become an effective community leader.

  • Gain the knowledge to become an informed, trained, and committed leader who understands the issues and needs of the community.
  • Build a network of community leaders, establish a rapport and continue to sustain their development.
  • Engage in greater roles in the community through volunteerism in service and civic organizations, serving on appointed boards, and running for local elected offices.
  • Learn how to continue to identify and study local issues.
  • Develop your capacity to become an effective leader of the community.

What Participants Say

Meet Your Mentors

The Academy is led Dan Fox, Ruth Munson and Dr. Anthony Ramos. Each have excelled in their professional careers and have significant leadership involvement in the Elgin area.

Dan Fox

Dan Fox

Dan is a graduate of Southern Illinois University and Northeastern Illinois University with an emphasis in government and political science.

Elgin Area Ledership Academy Ruth Munson

Ruth Munson

Graduated from Northern Illinois University In 1981 with a BA in political science. An owner of a small technology firm, Ruth and her family moved to Elgin in 1990.

Dr. Anthony Ramos

Dr. Anthony Ramos

Dr. Anthony Ramos is the inaugural Executive Director for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Elgin Community College. Prior to this he served in leadership roles in academic affairs as an interim division dean as well as in student affairs in academic advising, new student orientation, and various student success operations.

the Nuts & Bolts Of the Academy

"It's A Program Like No Other"

Leadership Academy
  • The Academy is a bi-annual program. The next session is scheduled for October 2023.
  • The Academy only admits 25 participants per session.
  • Tuition is $550. An early registered discount will be offered when registration opens.
  • Sessions are typically held 1 per month over an 11-month period and a graduation ceremony.
  • Each session incorporates:
    • leadership skill-building
    • in-depth exposure to local community issues
  • Topic areas include:
    • Economic Development
    • City of Elgin
    • Healthcare
    • Ethical Leadership
    • Board Governance
    • Volunteer Leaders

Want to find out more?

Drop us a line or text us at 847-741-5660!