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    Helping families do everything necessary to lower college costs. College Funding Awareness & Service Team, LLC (CFAST) is a privately held company located in Bartlett, IL. The idea behind the company start-up was that every family wanting to send their kids off to college was not fully prepared in all aspects of the process. Any help that was available seemed to have the same old tired approach, putting everyone in the same mold, not addressing the family’s individual needs or providing the help they needed in particular areas. There seemed to be no help out there taking a proactive approach for each family. That was, until 2004, when CFAST, LLC was born! Families now have an opportunity to work with a group of experts to help them FROM college admissions, test prep and career counseling TO cost analysis and college financial planning. A true A to Z approach that is unique to each individual family.

    We came to realize that one of the most stressful times for a family is when they start preparing to send their student(s) to college. There are many issues that must be addressed during this time, many deadlines to be met, and an overwhelming amount of conflicting information to process. We found that there was a lack of information out there from a PARENT’s perspective. It became obvious that parent’s need an advocate, a reliable resource, to help them navigate the college planning process efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to empower parents with the knowledge they need to make sending their children to college a whole lot easier.



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