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    Tough. Functional. Comfortable. Since 1989, we’ve been on the job – building innovative gear for can-do guys and highly capable women. With our Midwest catalog and online roots, and a national network of over 40 stores, the Duluth Trading experience is a colorful one.


    1989 - Two tradesmen in Duluth invent the Bucket Boss tool organizer.

    1990 - A group of construction workers, dock hands and hard-as-nails yahoos start our product-testing Trades Panel.

    1991 - Original headquarters established on a refurbished dredge barge in Duluth, MN, on Lake Superior.

    1997 - Headquarters moved to Belleville, WI. Call Center and Warehouse ready for growth.

    2002 - The cure for Plumber's Butt is introduced. Today, over 8 million Longtail T Shirts have been sold!

    2003 - We introduce heroically tough yet broken-in comfortable Fire Hose Workwear.

    2005 - Highly Capable Clothing for Women is introduced. We're on a mission to serve women on a mission.

    2010 - Buck Naked Underwear is born, and a nation's loins get liberated. No pinch. No stink. No sweat. Feels like wearing noting at all!

    2010 - Our first retail store opens in Mount Horeb, WI. It's not just a store, it's an experience!

    2014 - Duluth Trading solves the problem of tanks not staying put with the launch of the No Yank Tank. The war on tug officially begins.

    2014 - Alaskan Hardgear is unleashed on the world. Tough, tech-forward workwear built to help guys survive and thrive on the last frontier.

    2015 - Duluth Trading Company goes public.


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