• Elgin Fresh Market #2

    Elgin Fresh Market #2



    About Us

    We're a specialty store in more ways than one. We specialize in authentic, exotic and delicious American, Mexican and Latin American food products. Colorful heaps of fresh fruits and vegetables greet you as you enter our doors where you discover hard-to-find items like Nopales cactus. The aromas of our Tres Leches cakes at our in-store Bakery and carnitas from out hot deli will lure you to a new experience.



    Employment Application
    Category: Various
    We are always seeking talented, motivated and most importantly friendly individuals who will take pride in caring for our customer's needs. We feel that if our employees are happy then they'll be friendly to our customers. This way we can provied the best shopping experience for our customers. With each new store we have had the pleasure of more employees and putting more neighbors to work.
    Phone:(847) 608-1500
    Fax:(847) 608-1300
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