• Free Wellness Sessions for Staff (Virtual or In- Person) from Chiro One Wellness Centers

    Hello!  Our Chiropractic wellness centers would like to come out to serve and support your staff (either in person or virtually) with a complimentary wellness session(s) as part of our community outreach programs during these stressful times.  Just let me know the answers to the following questions so I can get you locked in.
    Hot topics to choose from: (choose 1 or for multiple sessions you may choose more)

    1. Stress- With this we would present on how stress affects you, discover concrete suggestions for a lower-stress and wellness minded way of life, quick stress management techniques and stretches to reduce stress. 
    2. At-Home Ergonomics/ Class Room Ergonomics- You will learn how to escape the pitfalls of a sedentary lifestyle, its effects on your body, and how to develop an ergonomically friendly workstation with objects right in your home. 
    3. How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally- we will present on how to improve your immunity through diet and supplements, easy ways to better your sleeping habits, inexpensive/all-natural hygiene tips and quick stress management techniques. 
    Choose Format: (You can always change to virtual with a webinar registration if needed)
    1. Onsite visit- We can conduct this in 30 or 45 minute informational sessions for staff.  A flyer and sign-up sheet will be provided so we can best prepare for the number of staff attending.
    2. Virtual- We can conduct a 30 or 45 minute virtual talks via a zoom webinar.  With this I would provide a flyer and zoom registration link for you to send out to staff.
    Choose Your Date(s) and time(s)