• Help Prevent Prescription Drug Cost Increases - A Message from President & CEO Maisch

    Help Prevent Prescription Drug Cost Increases - A Message from President & CEO Maisch
    This past legislative session, Illinois lawmakers came very close to passing legislation that would have increased the cost of prescription drugs, and we need to make sure they don’t try it again. That’s why the Illinois Chamber is leading a new initiative to urge lawmakers to find real solutions to address prescription drug costs, instead of implementing misguided government mandates that do nothing to improve access or affordability. Click here to learn more.
    Had these bills (SB 2008 & HB 3630) become law, they would have hurt businesses by making it more expensive for them to provide healthcare to employees. Healthcare can be a complicated issue with competing and legitimate points of view in the business community. However, SB 2008 and HB 3630 are the wrong answers. 
    The bills would have:

    • Cost our state, businesses, and families over $1 billion every year.
    • Mandated a new $8.85 fee on nearly every prescription filled—draining patients’ pockets when families and businesses are already suffering from record-breaking inflation and high taxes.
    • Fees add up quickly: a family that fills 5 prescriptions each month could pay more than $500 extra every year, with no health benefit. 
    • Limited employer choice and flexibility in partnering with Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), which most employers contract with to lower drug costs and manage prescription drug benefits for employees.
    • PBMs save nearly $1,000 per patient every year (average = $962).
    • Employers partner with PBMs to provide quality, affordable prescription drug benefits to employees, improving health outcomes and lowering out-of-pocket costs. 
    The bottom line: Employers use PBMs to help lower prescription drug costs and improve patient care.
    We need your help to urge lawmakers to take these damaging prescription drug cost increase bills off the table in 2023 and instead address the root causes of high prescription drug costs – like the skyrocketing prices set by big drug companies – rather than impose additional fees on businesses and families.
    Click here to learn how you can take a stand for common-sense alternatives.
    Thank you for your continued support of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce as we work together for a stronger business, stronger Illinois.