• Illinois Department of Labor Reminds Employers to Prominently Display Safety and Health Posters

    Illinois Department of Labor Reminds Employers to Prominently Display Safety and Health Posters

    Information to remind workers of their rights and protections on the job

    SPRINGFIELD – There are specific rights afforded to employees to protect them on the job and to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. To notify workers of those rights, all public sector employers are required to prominently post the Illinois Department of Labor’s Job Safety and Health poster.

    “Our primary goal is keeping job sites safe and protecting the health and well-being of working people across the state. Employers must display this poster in a place where workers will see it regularly to ensure this important safety information is available,” said Illinois Department of Labor Director Michael Kleinik.

    Illinois OSHA, a division of the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL), covers public-sector employees while most private employers fall under federal OSHA jurisdiction. A similar poster must also be available to employees.

    The poster provides a summary of employees’ rights and employers’ responsibilities, including:

    • The right to notify your employer or IDOL about workplace hazards. You can remain confidential upon request.
    • The right to see IDOL citations issued to your employer.
    • Provide employees a place of employment free from recognized hazards.
    • Comply with the occupational safety and health standards issued under this Act.

    A full list of safety and health posters required in the workforce can be found below.
    Your Rights Under Illinois Employment Laws Poster

    Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act Poster 

    Job Safety and Health Poster

    Federal OSHA Safety Poster

    Reporting Public Sector Fatalities, Hospitalizations, Amputations or Loss of an Eye and Spanish

    Employee Classification Poster

    Day and Temporary Labor - English, Spanish, and Polish. .

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