• Ring For Eight, Feel Great!

    Help The Salvation Army this holiday season by ringing the bells at one of our iconic red kettles any time between November 11 – December 24.

    We know that if your team rings for eight, they will definitely feel great knowing they are making a positive difference for the most vulnerable in our communities.

    This is a Fun and easy way to get your company or organization involved!
    The Details…

    •Your team agrees to ring the bells one day for eight hours, or two days of four hours
    •Promote your bell ringing to staff, vendors, friends and others to come out and support you
    •We provide your “organizer” with a signature branded sweatshirt
    •We provide you with eight of our “signature” branded red beanies
    •You send us photos of your group ringing and we post them on Facebook highlighting your efforts
    •Two representatives are invited to attend our kickoff event on November 3rd at the Gail Borden Library and Recognition Breakfast at Elgin Community College.

    For more information, or to get your team involved, contact Rick Reigner at:
     richard.reigner@usc.salvationarmy.org or call 847-741-2304 ext. 308
    Download Our Flyer